Join us this Sunday at 10:15am.

What to expect


Q.  What time does your worship service start?

10:15 a.m.  It's important to us to worship together as a church so we only have one service.  We're usually done by 11:45 a.m. or so.

Q. What is your worship service like?

God’s Word informs all that we do.  You’ll notice that we open and close our time of worship with Scripture, we sing songs that are filled with Scripture, and we always preach from Scripture; usually verse-by-verse. We do this because we believe that when the whole church gathers together we really and actually hear from God and we know that He speaks loudest through His Word. 

Q.  What's your music like?

One of the first things folks notice about our church is how we love to sing together.  We sing newer songs and older songs in various styles, sometimes we update an old tune, sometimes we leave it in its classic form. The age of the song isn’t as important to us as the eternal truths that it communicates and whether it is singable. You'll find that our songs are robustly biblical and able to be sung by the entire congregation.  

Q.  What will my kids do?

  • Babies and toddlers: we have a nursery available for the entirety of the service, but you're welcome to bring your little one into the worship service with you.
  • Preschoolers: we have a Pre-K class available for the entirety of the service where your child will learn more about the God through singing, crafts, activities, and a Christ-centered lesson. You are also more than welcome to bring your preschooler into the worship service with you!
  • Kindergarten - 3rd graders: join their families for the first part of the worship service.  When the sermon begins families have the option of sending their chidlren to our K-3 class for the second part of the worship service where they will have their own Bible lesson.
  • Nursing room: we also have a nursing room with an available live audio feed of the worship service open for nursing moms.

We utilize the Gospel Project Curriculum for our Pre-K and K-3 classes.

Since we are a cross-generational church, we love to see entire families worship together!  We realize that this takes practice for some families.  That's okay!  Some of our folks have found this article particularly helpful in preparing kids for worship.  

Q.  How should I dress?

People in our church come from all sorts of backgrounds so you’ll see that some folks wear more traditional Sunday attire while others are more Pacific Northwest casual.