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His Faithfulness

Our church gathered for her first worship service on February 4, 1990, at the Littlerock Fire Station. The gathering was a result of several families who had a desire to plant a Bible believing church with children's ministries in the Littlerock area. For two years a number of pastors filled our pulpit to bring the Word on Sunday mornings. On April 5, 1992, we called Dr. Carl Pfeil to be our pastor. Pastor Carl faithfully served our church in this role for the next 23 years.

As the church grew, we began meeting in the Littlerock Elementary School gymnasium.  We returned to the Fire Station in 2003. We purchased our own property further north on Littlerock Road and began construction on our own building in 2010.  On December 4, 2011 gathered for our first service in the new church building.

Pastor Carl led our church through an intentional pastoral transition beginning in 2013 when we called Greg Ginn to begin working with Carl in preparation for his pending retirement. Dustin Rudolph joined the pastoral staff in 2015 to assist Greg with the work of ministry and to prepare for Carls' retirement. In the August of 2015 Carl retired from his post and Greg became the pastor of preaching and teaching and Dustin the pastor of discipleship and teaching. In June of 2018 Dustin was sent off by our church to become the senior pastor of Del Cerro Baptist Church in La Mesa, CA.

In December of 2018 Wescott Robinson joined the pastoral staff as an associate pastor after a decade of fruitful ministry at Westwood Baptist Church in Olympia and over fifteen years of pastoral ministry.

We are grateful for God's faithfulness over the decades and it is our prayer that He would, in decades to come, continue to use our church to proclaim the Good News and make disciples for His glory.