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Deacon Ministry

At Littlerock Community Fellowship we believe deacons are servants of the church even before we give them the title "deacon". 

While there are many, many other members who sacrificially serve our body, these deacons serve in areas that are         crucial to the life of the church.  


 Clayton Pugh & Erika Colombo

Clayton Pugh & Erika Columbo


Clayton, Erika, and the AV team help to make Sunday mornings run seamlessly. From sermon recording, to slide presentation, to running the sound board- these volunteers make our worship service better.  We are grateful for their expertise.  


Kay Roller

Kay Roller Web



Children's Ministry

Kay is a retired school teacher and is passionate about seeing kids grow and learn about Jesus. We are blessed to have her as a member here at LCF.  Kay helps to supply a steady stream of trained and willing volunteers to our children's ministries.  


Keith Quentin

Keith Quentin Web







Don Salter

Don Salter Web

Building & Grounds

Keith and Don, along with several others, help to keep 11510 Littlerock Rd looking welcoming and hospitable to our neighbors.  The deacon of grounds was actually the first diaconal position at Littlerock. 


Jim & Liz Snell

Jim and Liz Snell Web

Welcome Team

Jim & Liz are responsible for coordinating our greeters to help us welcome visitors to the church.  

Steve Posthuma

Steve Posthuma Web


Steve heads up a team of men and women who help to keep our building and grounds safe.

Andrea Baker

Andrea Baker Web


Andrea provides the meals and coordinates the volunteers for the setup, cleanup, and serving for our events that involve food & beverages.


Missionary Care

This position is currently unfilled. The Deacon/Deaconess in this position would be responsible for keeping in touch with the missionaries we support to convey their prayer requests and practical needs to our congregation.